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location_on South West, Estados Unidos

Every year, major employers WASTE trillions of dollars on Bad Hires and Excessive Turnover -- with no solution in sight . . . . . . UNTIL NOW. We have the ONLY REAL SOLUTION for these wasted dollars. It's a major breakthrough in hiring technology.

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SiggPay Inc.

location_on North East, Estados Unidos

SIGGPAY ™ Inc. is a social media marketing company that has developed a gamified, proprietary and patent-pending platform for engaging and rewarding Nano-influencers for promoting and driving sales to local businesses.

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Solar Energy Technology

location_on Gauteng, Sudáfrica

We-tility, has built the first phase of a web and mobile application where customers will receive in real-time a complete engineering design, sales proposal and financial business case using only the customers physical address and electricity bill

US$ 280,000


US$ 5,600

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