US$1 - US$6,000

location_on Cape Town, Sudáfrica

10 years experience in food/fast food retail

Ámbitos de Especialización

Food, Retail, Merchandising, Inventory Manage...

US$12,000 - US$148,000

location_on gagny, Francia

20 ans d'expérience dans le management en haute technologie en Californie. Master en Engineering Management et Bachelor en Engineering Electronique. ...

Ámbitos de Especialización


US$1,000 - US$3,000

location_on Cape Town, Sudáfrica

Individual investor looking interesting business opportunities. I am a B.Bus.Sci graduate from UCT and have passed level III of the CFA exams.

Ámbitos de Especialización

I am looking to get involved in either a sile...

US$3,000 - US$14,000

location_on Mumbai, India

I am a chartered accountant from Mumbai currently working in Dubai with a reputed investment company. I am 38 years old & have rich experience in fina...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I am ready to invest to help profitable ventu...

US$100 - US$1,186,000

location_on Konin, Polonia

Involved in financial services and investments for a long time. Investor in Forex and commodities.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Unternehmen, Investitionen, passive Technolog...

US$31,000 - US$309,000

location_on Pietermaritzburg, Sudáfrica

I am Director of a financial services company. I previously had a 28 year career in banking.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Financial Engineering, Investment & Capital M...

US$59,000 - US$119,000

location_on Tornio, Finlandia

I'm originally from Iran but am now a resident of Finland. I have associate degree in Civil Engineering.

Ámbitos de Especialización

I'm interested to do something profitable and...

US$26,000 - US$130,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Setup my first business in 1998 (IT Managed Hosting) after leaving school, grown to turning over £8m (2010). Also setup a business in 2007 doi...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$700 - US$7,000

location_on Noida, India

Location - Delhi Experience in business management and nonprofit management with a desire to create solutions that best serve business and the comm...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$39 - US$391,000

location_on Cambridge, Reino Unido

I'm a Real Estate company owner with 11 years professional experience.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Real Estate

US$24,000 - US$178,000

location_on Cork, Irlanda

Professional Engineer with 25 years project management experience. Over the past 10 years I have started developed and sold a Design engineering com...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$65,000 - US$6,523,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Founding director of an academic publishing and publishing services company. Visiting Professor (Beijing Normal University; Hiroshima University). Pre...

Ámbitos de Especialización


US$33,000 - US$326,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

I have been a successful, active, early-stage investor in the UK since 2000 and having invested in some 24 business and realised 3 profitable exits to...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Support companies getting them investor ready...

US$7,000 - US$178,000

location_on Middle Park, Australia

Melbourne based. 44yo male. Background as business consultant, developing business plans, business cases , product commercialisation. Have ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$10,000 - US$500,000

location_on Jakarta, Indonesia

I am the Deputy Director of Programming at a television station.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Shipping, Ports, Telecoms, Coal Mining, Mobil...

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