US$1 - US$6,742,000

location_on Mumbai, India

Investment Banker

Ámbitos de Especialización

Banking, Debt, Equity, Joint Ventures, Ventur...

US$1,000 - US$13,000

location_on Windsor, Reino Unido

Enterprise Account Manager at Hitachi Data Systems

Ámbitos de Especialización

Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Storage...

US$700 - US$4,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Director of a florist company

Ámbitos de Especialización

Looking for reliable investments

US$1,000 - US$33,000

location_on Slough, Reino Unido

I am Dentist, working in general practice, but looking to further my career by specialising within my profession in the next few years.

Ámbitos de Especialización

I am looking to invest in a company or idea w...

US$32,000 - US$3,245,000

location_on Cape Town, Sudáfrica

Founder of 4 diverse companies employing 60+ employees. I act on behalf of a group of investors looking for innovation entrepreneurs to fund, specific...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Real Estate, Residential Homes, Marketing

US$32,000 - US$649,000

location_on Gauteng, Sudáfrica

I have 11 years experience in the ICT & Telecomss industry and am looking at venturing into new small to medium sized opportunities mainly in the tec...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$1 - US$13,000

location_on Lichfield, Reino Unido

Information and Data Management Professional. I have successfully implemented solutions for clients to include Rolls Royce, Gap, Barclays, Boots, Tayl...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Over 12 years’ experience in large scale busi...

US$10,000 - US$1,000,000

location_on Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

I am a digital marketing expert and entrepreneurial business leader with experience of founding an online marketing company from conception and develo...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Tech, Media, Publishing, Sales, Business Deve...

US$1 - US$1,000

location_on Tirupati, India

I have 10 years of IT experience and am searching for angel investment opportunities.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Information Technology

US$3,000 - US$13,000

location_on Malelane, Sudáfrica

My investment in your venture will allow you with the opportunity to do what you enjoy.

Ámbitos de Especialización

I am prepared to act as a mentor for your fin...

US$1 - US$34,000

location_on Lucknow, India

Sales Manager at Aircel

Ámbitos de Especialización

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Produ...

US$15,000 - US$730,000

location_on Brighton, Australia

I am an experienced entrepreneur and digital specialist. I co-founded the website footytips.com.au which I sold, bought back and then sold again to ES...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I have a proven track record in delivering di...

US$100 - US$1,329,000

location_on Reading, Reino Unido

Looking for new and innovative ideas.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Background in eCommerce, Construction & Marke...

US$66,000 - US$332,000

location_on 24 Bemish Road, Reino Unido

Legal professional advising and assisting (and ancillary investor in) fast-growing businesses of all descriptions.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Qualified and practising English Solicitor.

US$13,000 - US$66,000

location_on Banstead, Reino Unido

I am an experienced, articulate advisor in Professional Services, equipped with a sound financial and commercial background gained over 4 years in the...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Experience consists of two years working in a...

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