US$29,000 - US$143,000

location_on Caulfield North, Australia

A Chemical Engineer by education, I have been working in senior roles in operations, strategy / management consulting for large multi-nationals for th...

Ámbitos de Especialización

My skills cover logistics, general operations...

US$1 - US$13,000

location_on Stockport, Reino Unido

Software Engineer

Ámbitos de Especialización

Software Development, Machine Learning, Data ...

US$119,000 - US$593,000

location_on Gujarat, India

Founding Director at a Consulting Company that specialises in Branding, Franchising and Licensing. Founder President of a company whose vision to enc...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Start-ups, Mar...

US$100 - US$14,000

location_on Ernakulam, India

MBA with over 15 years of experience in Sales, Business Development and Teaching.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mentoring, Business Development, Social Media...

US$1 - US$52,000

location_on Birmingham, Reino Unido

I am a Birmingham (UK) based experienced Corporate Finance Consultant and Business Investor. Founder of an established education, recruitment, traini...

Ámbitos de Especialización


US$12,000 - US$593,000

location_on Castlemaine, Irlanda

I have been successfully starting, developing and selling businesses over the last 20 years. I am actively looking for investment opportunities in t...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I have a background in technology, manufactur...

US$7,000 - US$65,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Director at Small Business Solutions and Investor in several start up and early stage businesses including: Debut Careers, Working Capital Partners, H...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I help good businesses get better and also he...

US$12,000 - US$83,000

location_on Celbridge, Irlanda

I am a 30 year old investment professional who has worked for the top Irish private equity and venture capital over the past three years. I have ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I excel at business development and relations...

US$6,000 - US$119,000

location_on toulouse, Francia

Entrepreneur , investisseur . Voir profil Linkedin

Ámbitos de Especialización

Gestion administrative et financière . Prise ...

US$700 - US$130,000

location_on East markham, Reino Unido

Expert in healthcare I.T with over 12 years experience working in a variety of different roles from development through to consultancy, project manage...

Ámbitos de Especialización


US$4,000 - US$357,000

location_on Sydney, Australia

Qualified Lawyer - worked in private practice as well as product development. Education include BBA LLB, MLM and MBA.

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$1 - US$5,000

location_on Lahore, Pakistán

I want to invest in businesses in the Financial, Business & Legal Services sector. I am particularly interested in proposals from Qatar and Australi...

Ámbitos de Especialización

US$1,000 - US$39,000

location_on perth, Reino Unido

I am a former Head of IT for a FTSE100 company and have 30 years experience of the general insurance industry and use of IT in Financial services. I h...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Strong track record of planning, initiating, ...

US$1 - US$13,000

location_on Birmingham, Reino Unido

Individual Investor

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mechanical Engineering & Design Engineering

US$1,000 - US$130,000

location_on Milton Keynes, Reino Unido

Founder and CEO of a leading artificial intelligence development company.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Machine Learning and AI Software

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