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Problem: Ability to grow marijuana efficiently, at a cost that makes it affordable without excess energy use Solution: A key component to this project is the Composite Building System which will revolutionize the Cannabis industry. This system is a multi-patented, composite building system that uses no wood framing and creates unsurpassed insulation values. The system is non-toxic, mold and bug proof. To further reduce operational costs, we are working with a US based LED manufacturer. New technology allows for a better quality cannabis flower with a substantial decrease in electric and water consumption. These along with other proprietary methods allow the Tenant to produce cannabis at $250 per pound, which is 37% less than market rate


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  • Exclusive use of "SABS" Building Method Patent for the USA and Canada
  • Signed and Secured lease activates upon completion of construction
  • Quarterly payments to investors, 9% interest only
  • Total amount invested paid back after 3 years
  • Investors get priority funding options on any future projects
Por favor toma nota: Invirtiendo en empresas jóvenes lleva riesgos como falta de liquidez, falta de dividendos, pérdida de inversión y dilución. Debería hacer parte de un portafolio diversificado. La plataforma está dirigida únicamente a inversores sofisticados que entienden estos riesgos y pueden hacer sus propios decisiones cuando están invirtiendo. Esta información no ha sido aprobada como una promoción financiera y Ud. tiene que hacer su propia diligencia debida.

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